Sunday, July 15, 2007

For "sipping hot chocolate"

I've been reading through my posts since you asked about my writing.

Ignore everything I told you. Most of my posts read like the news. Somehow, I wasn't able to put what I wrote on paper onto the blog. It felt a little too raw and like too much of a downer. Maybe that was wrong, maybe it's okay to put writing like that out there. I guess I just didn't want my neighbors thinking less of me. There are only a couple I think that come close to the way I "write" and the links are below

good thing lightning never strikes twice
the school no one wants to graduate from
because we are all about the fun in this house


summershine said...

"... it sounded like we were saying that God gives us trials to see how much it will take to break us, for us to give up. But He's not like that at all. These trials that come our way are just a part of being human..."

Such a burden was lifted in my life when I gained this perspective. I had always been told life was a test, that I was going through garbage to be proved, and while that may have motivated me to prove through rough times that I could withstand it, it was a discouraging way to look at God and life.
I think my perspective changed when I became a parent. I realized that I would never hope for terrible things to happen to my children, but I would prepare them for it just in case and help them through it if I could. As our Father in Heaven, I realized He must be the same way.
God is always there when no one else is.

Corrie said...

Summershine - thanks for your thoughts on this. There is nothing like parenthood to help you more fully understand God.

athena said...

i remember the first time i read your blog and thinking, oh boy, she's a writer, a very good writer! a very disciplined thinker too. i know what you mean about not wanting to show your writing and keeping it anonymous. if anything i think that's wise.

Corrie said...

I remember your poems.

I do think it helps the writing be what it wants when you're not concerned about what those who know you think of it.

Maybe one day you'll come across my other site, and maybe you'll like the writing.

athena said...

i don't mind sharing the poems. they're a lot of fun to write. i've been thinking of having another blog just for writing (not using my name) like you. just the thought of it excites me. but then i ought to keep my focus on writing some good fiction.