Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The fun never stops...

Ellie's foray into fever-dom has not been short-lived. She hung out at 105.6 for an hour after taking Tylenol and then only came down to 104.8. So it was off to the Emergency Room with her on Sunday night. I felt rather foolish as she was jabbering away and didn't look sick in the least. I wanted to leave, but they wanted to give her a thorough once-over first. Her fever finally came down to 102.5 after a HUGE dose of ibuprofen and tylenol.

I guess I wasn't thinking straight when I let her eat the sucker they gave her. Major sugar rush! We came home and she was just hitting her stride. (hmmm, could I fit anymore cliches in here?) It was about 3am when I finally crawled between the covers. And then, ding! up and at 'em at 7 am. She promptly drank a full cup of water and then spewed the entire thing (plus some bonus material) on my jammies. You'd think I'd cave and get showered & dressed then, wouldn't you? But you'd be wrong.

I was still holding out for a bit of shut-eye when Ellie went down for her nap so I changed into new jammies and redosed her with the grape and orange fever stuff. No nap. She didn't go back down until noon. I thought I'd sneak off and read the back of my eyelids, but two of the other kidlets needed to have deep conversations. They kinda think you're not listening if your eyes are closed and you only nod and say uh-huh at appropriate intervals. What could I do?

I listened, with my eyes mostly open. Well, at least one eye was - the one they could see. The other eye wouldn't cooperate and buried itself in the recesses of my memory-foam pillow. (I love that thing! That so-heavy-you-could-really-do-some-damage-in-a-pillow-fight thing!) Before I knew it, time was up and I dragged myself to the shower.

She woke up from her nap with 105.4. Craziness, she has the viral equivalent of a cockroach - impossible to kill without stomping it. She is still mostly pleasant through all of this.

Tyler has also decided to join in on the spewing action. Only his is much more easily contained. We pulled the access needle for his port because he's no longer needing IV anti-nausea drugs. This morning, he had his first honest-to-goodness shower since December. We have been giving him sponge baths in bed since about the second chemo round. He was getting so motion-sick from just sitting up that we decided it wasn't worth it to put him through all of that.

I think he got sick out of force of habit when we took him downstairs to wash up. He yelled and complained the whole time until we shut the water off. It's sad, because he used to enjoy the warm water and the songs Moana sings to him. He will get used to it again, and pretty soon showers will be fun once more. Bathroom acoustics are the greatest! Especially for letting your mom and aunt really have it.

I am really messing up my SMARTness Habit this week, but I am secretly working on a plan B habit to make up for it. Stay tuned. Because my life is all about Plan B.


Kenna said...

Today I finally got a chance with the computer. Mike usually has it for work stuff so I was excited to get on. I just had to laugh at this entry. The whole comment about your life being about plan b is the truth and I can relate a little. We just spent the other night in the ER with Mike for an allergic reaction to shrimp while Shara slept at Grandmas, or threw up all night at Grandma's. Janie, who usualy sleeps like a rock, seemed to refuse to sleep at the hospital. Not exactly how I planned the BBQ at our house to end up.

Corrie said...

Ken -
Isn't great that life is unpredictable? I mean, we'd be so bored if we knew how things were going to be.

Oh wait, we do know. It will most likely be plan b - so we better have one, a plan 'B' that is. Thanks for dropping in.

Our Peculiar Life said...

okay I answered the other one too early. It was funny when I was writing about happy your kids were feeling better I was wondering if I should read on first. Hmmmm. Anyway, I am going to wait until I read on to see how they are doing NOW. But I loved your last line. That is the BEST. I may have to adopt that as my own. Especially since I am SO NOT a plan B person. But I need to be.