Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The roads were sufficiently icy this morning to tack on another 20 minutes to our hospital commute. We met with the surgeon who was actually very impressed with Ty's g-tube site. He has ordered one with a slightly longer stem and we'll see if it slows down the leaking.

The surgeon feels that because Ty is sick right now his stomach is taking longer to empty, and that the leaking will most likely resolve itself once his cough is gone. Or it could be the pain meds slowing things down. We did find out that he won't perform a third Nissen on Ty, so if the current one fails and he is able to vomit via his mouth again we'll have to explore a different option. One of our options is to put him on continuous pump feeds and a second option is to bypass his stomach and have a j/g-tube placed. Which ever it ends up being, I hope it's a very long time before we have to consider either one.

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