Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remember back when I asked for a nice slice of Boring?

It turns out that such a thing does not exist (or if it does, it is not very filling nor is it long- lasting). I have taken Ty to the doctor at least 6 times in the past three weeks. We are trying to solve the mystery of his pain. So far, we have been unsuccessful.

We have tried shots and a new medication with fewer side effects, all to no avail. Add to the mix his bronchitis, which is finally coming around after 3 doses of antibiotics (one of them he had an allergic reaction to - lovely!) and the fact that he is having difficulty with peeing. I've had to cath him for several days, but his urine samples test negative for any signs of infection (phew!). So, mystery. The good news is that his g-tube has stopped leaking so much now that his cough is subsiding.

During Ty's chemo and major surgery recoveries, we put the other kids' lessons on hold - it just wasn't logistically possible to be so many places at once. We're making up for it now with volleyball 4 nights a week and dance 3 times a week. Throw in some church callings, service, regular errands, doctor appointments and we are hardly ever here. I'm not complaining. I'll take this kind of hectic over watching a child go through chemo any day. Any day.

It's just getting the best of me. I am still feeding the family, staying ahead of the laundry (as much as one can), and even occasionally sweeping a few dust bunnies into the bin. But! I am sick. I've been ill, except for a 3 day reprieve, since early February and I am just tired. Very, very tired of being sick. So I'm telling this mung to take a flying leap. Leave! Be gone with you!

Anyone think that will work?


Anonymous said...

I think you're right that boring doesn't exist -- or at least not with life choices that include marriage and kids and church service. I remember I used to sometimes fantasize that it would be so very nice to live in a monastery and read and write and do research forever, but really I'm glad for the choices I've made, even if life is often more exciting than I think I want.

I do hope you feel better soon, though.

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