Friday, March 6, 2009

G-tube complications

First, let me say that I love the fact that Ty has a g-tube, it's our back door, so to speak. He used to eat whatever we ate, just blended up with a little milk to thin it. But then chemo changed his mind about eating anything other than Pop Rocks and Cotton Candy. Now we feed him an enteral formula every three hours from 9 AM to midnight.

This latest round of bronchitis has somehow changed how his button (g-tube) functions. He is swallowing a lot of air and it is trying to escape around the opening for the button. Last night, formula and stomach acid began leaking out a little (and by that I mean profusely). We now have an appointment to meet with the surgeon early next week. He's going to measure Ty for a new button size. Meanwhile I need to keep Ilex cream on his stomach around the opening and feed him smaller amounts every 90 minutes. Oh joy!

Hopefully, he'll get rid of his cough in the next couple of days and that will slow down the leaking.


Momtothreebabies said...

Hi! I found your blog on the mormonmommyblogs! I just joined there!
anyway, your tyler is beautiful!!! He reminds me of my nephew Moses. I would love to tell you his story one day!
You are in my prayers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are really having quite a month, aren't you? I hope the problems with the g-tube get fixed quickly.

Emma J said...

Oh, I wish I could say my admiration for all of you - for doing what you do in the down-to-earth full-of-love way you do it. Whenever I think of Tyler as the ordinary adorable baby he was and hear about the extraordinary adorable son you are raising now I want to cheer!

Jo said...

Have you tried venting him? If that isn't working, you might talk to the doc about using farrell bags as a way to help the pressure. Bless his heart, hope he is feeling better soon!