Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The House of the Rising (Fever?)

Ty has joined the ranks of the sick and afflicted. Everyone but me and Spielberg has had a fever of 103 (or 104) in the past week. Ty's came on suddenly and was accompanied by a horrible cough and boatloads of mucus.

He has, so far (knock on wood and all that jazz), never had pneumonia. I'm keeping a close watch though. The past two nights I've been playing Florence Nightingale and lifting his head to his chest every time he coughs (it's the only way to get any of the crud out). This means I do not keep conventional hours. I think it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4:27 AM that he finally rested enough for me to feel comfortable with hitting the sack. Mr. O is home sick with it as well and took the morning shift with Ty, and I squeaked in 4 hours of shuteye.

Ty usually only gets sick once per year, so this is it. He's giving it his all.
In other news, he recently had both a cortisone shot and a phenol shot to his left hip joint in hopes of lessening the pain he's been experiencing. Something has happened since his surgery, we're not sure what, that is causing his hip to grind bone on bone whenever we move him.

The shots seemed to have helped with decreasing his pain when we move his leg from side to side, but when we move it up and down (like when we are dressing him or putting him in his chair), we still have to scrape him off the ceiling.

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Anonymous said...

Aw drat, sorry he is sick. You sound as amazing as the original Florence Nightingale. I'll pray for all of you to feel better soon.