Monday, November 26, 2007

Triptaneous Combustion

Definition: The absolute need/desire to drop everything, grab a suitcase, the kids, the keys, an atlas and drive until you're too tired or the right hotel presents itself.

This phenomenon usually presents with little to no warning. Attacks may sometimes be overcome by looking at travel sites, planning imaginary trips and itinerary, or by practical, rational thought.

Such as:
There's no way we could take Ty out right now, big surgery date ahead - too risky.

Too many holiday obligations, performances, guests - it just wouldn't work right now.

The kids are in school - remember? These can no longer be considered "fieldtrips."

When we lived in St. George and the kids were younger, we could easily travel 6-8 hours and find ourselves in any number of beautiful locations. Those were the days.

Maybe it's time to move the furniture around again.


Corrie said...

What? None of you suffer from this affliction?

It must be that durned birthmark's fault.

Am'n2deep said...

Oh no no no! I just didn't know there was a name for this condition. "Triptaneous Combustion" was it? I soooo get this post.

Elizabeth-W said...

I used to just cut my hair. But now it's so short I have to do other stuff--like think about changing jobs!

Kenna said...

I also know what you mean, I will be moving my furniture around this weekend.