Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sorry, you only get to see the 'After' shots on the freezer. Trust me, they were about 10x worse than this - or maybe even a 100x worse. I had some stuff encased in ice crystals - I have no idea what it was, I just had to throw it out. And do you see all the Mozzarella? I am never buying big bags of that again. Besides, do you know that all the pre-grated cheese is packed with cellulose (plastic) to keep it from caking together?

Repeat after me: I shall only buy (small) fresh blocks of mozzarella cheese from now on. Sheesh!

The thing in the black rectangle - that is a frozen bite stick. We use it to torture help Tyler with his bite, chew, & swallow reflexes. That canister with the white lid is where the cornmeal is stored so we can make, from scratch, the ultimate in Cornbread recipes - it is so moist and delicious, and quite possibly the most fattening thing you'll ever eat.

Did I mention it's delicious?

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Am'n2deep said...

I knew something wasn't right with that pre-grated cheese. It never tasted right to me.

Corrie said...

It also melts funny. But dang, it's so convenient.