Thursday, November 8, 2007

Corn Chowder and a little GeMoOrgNo

I made a vegetarian soup last night. It even had directions to make it vegan. I didn't go that far, I was too tired.

I was pleased with the recipe. It was a spicy, sweet soup with potatoes, onions, corn, lime juice, chilies, a host of spices and a little cream.

I cut some white corn taco shells into strips and fried them up. I garnished it with salsa and a dollop of Daisy. It was pretty good and the kids didn't hate it. I think I'll fix it again.

Now for the GeMoOrgNo:

I bought these hooks from Osmond Design (I think they were about $20-25 each). They are hung one right above the other and hold our family's coats, bags, and caps.

I love them. Please excuse the curvature - in real life they are straight, but I was unable to get them to photograph that way.

I'd link you to the other participants, but Lara's site appears to be down.


b. said...

I'm taking the high road.

athena said...

we need some hooks for hanging our coats too. maybe after i figure out how we're going to finance our remodeling. love the recipe. if the kids like it then it must be extra good!