Friday, November 9, 2007

Bajio's Giveaway

Edited to fix my french error - I'm blaming it on the TSH. Boy, that's a handy deal.

Unfortunately, being radioactive does not give you that certain "je ne sais quoi," you know that lovely 'glow'. That fake-baked from the inside out sort of luminescence. It doesn't even make you glow in the dark.

Which is too bad really, because it would be a cool party trick and I'd be sure to impress all my kids' friends.

The little blue pill I swallowed on Tuesday (which, by the way, the photo of it mysteriously disappeared from my camera), came in this lovely lead bucket.

The blue harness is what the lead bucket sits in. I suppose they don't want that puppy dropping and spilling the juice inside. That thing was heavy.

All that for a little pill that the tech wouldn't touch, but expected me to swallow. He then told me not to eat anything for at least an hour. That way if I ate something that didn't agree with me and then got sick, it wouldn't necessitate a hazardous waste cleanup.

And also, there is a warning at the bottom of the guidleines sheet he gave me that states if I were to die or be hospitalized in the next three days that someone had better notify their office. Again, I assume it has something to do with radioactive exposure and toxic cleanups, etc. (I'm wondering does that sort of thing happen often?)

Did I mention that I swallowed that thing?

In honor of the little blue pill, I'm offering up a contest. I need at least 15 different commenters here for it to be valid, so tell your friends. I'm trying to keep it interesting and this is the best way to amuse myself.

It's like an office pool. In your comment say whether you think I still have the danged cancer or not (according to the scan and blood work) and a guess for what date and time they'll get around to telling me. The closest guess wins.

I am scheduled to have my scan tomorrow at 5pm, but there is a possibility that they may move it up.

What's up for grabs? Why a $20 gift card to Bajio's - the first place I'm going to eat at when I'm done with the low iodine thing. If you don't have a Bajio's near you, then we'll talk and find a different gift card for you.

You do not need to have a blog to enter, just leave your email address in your comment if you don't have a blog. Canadians feel free to comment. One comment per person. If you've just been lurking, now's your time to delurk and win a night out. May the best guess win.

Also, no pressure or anything, but there better be at least a comment or two on this one - I'm in serious need of amusement.;)


Summer said...

I think you do not have the danged cancer anymore and that they will call you Nov. 13 to give you the good news.

b. said...

No danged cancer. They will be calling you November 16 at around 11:00 am.

I think you should screw with their minds a them today (what 3 days later?) and tell them you threw up somewhere crowded, how nice everyone was to help you clean it up. Or something more clever than I've got.

Cocoa said...

So do you have to stay away from the rest of your family during this time? I think you've told us before but I can't remember.

I say you don't have the cancer anymore and that they'll tell you on Nov. 13th at around 1 pm.

My question is if you don't have the cancer won't all the radioactive stuff give you cancer?

Corrie said...

Actually, I am at increased risk for breast cancer because I had been nursing Gracie right up until they gave me my first treatment.

They tell to drink lots of water to flush it out of your bladder, and to suck on hard candies to avoid salivary gland damage.

It does increase your exposure to radiation over your lifetime. But it's probably not too big a deal. When I have the actual treatments, I am away from my family for 7-10 days.

For the scan, Blaine just sleeps on the couch a couple nights and I don't kiss or hold my kids. I increase the distance between us and decrease the time they are around me.

It sure seems like a lot of trouble to go to for a cancer that nobody dies from.

Christine said...

I say no cancer on Monday the 12th at 5:15 p.m.

athena said...

no cancer. november 13 2:25pm. becausse november 13 is my birthday and all wonderfull things happen on that date. ;)

Kenna said...

I think no cancer, Because it's time you got to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I think they will call you on Monday Nov. 13th around 10am. I was going to better my odds by being like the cable company and saying sometime between 10 and 5 but I figured that wasn't fair.

Corrie said...

Athena - Happy birthday!

Christine said...

Summer was kind enough to direct me here. I'm enjoying reading your blog.
I say NO cancer! It's time for Thanksgiving and family/friends and all things GOOD!!
That's very generous of you, please enter me in your drawing.

Mike and Kenna Bartholomew said...

I think they won't find any cancer and you'll get the call Monday between 8:20-9:00 AM, because if I were making the calls, I'd rather do the easy ones first.

Meisha said...

I came over here form Summer's linky, and I posted news about your contest on my blog as well. (I'm new in the bloggy world, so I don't have a ton of readers. I don't know if that actually helpd you or not, hahaha.)
Your description of all the precautions you have to take for a pill that you eventually swallow was cracking me up.
Umm, as far as the contest, I'm guessing they'll say no more cancer on Nov 14 at 2pm.

Christy said...

No cancer and they'll let you know on Nov 16th at 2pm.

Heffalump said...

No cancer...and they will tell you at 10 a.m. on the 14th of November.