Friday, November 9, 2007

Organize your school lunch

Since my kids have gone back to school, I've instituted the "Lunch Box." Also, if they want a cafeteria school lunch, they have to buy it with their own money. Mean? I don't think so, it's just one step closer towards personal responsibility and healthier eating (all snacks aside).

In it, I keep juice boxes (only 100% juice) and snack items.

I have graduated from lunch making. My kids are old enough to make their own (ages 8-13). They make a sandwich, grab a fruit from the fridge, a snack, and a juice from the box.

I change up what snacks I include in the Lunch Box to keep a little variety. Sometimes I'll put in some pudding or fruit cups and plastic spoons. Or sometimes I throw in one or two bagged homemade cookies, or granola bars. I have ice packs for their lunch bags, so they can even take a yogurt or turkey sandwich sometimes.

It sure makes my life less stressful when getting them off to school. This has been a GeMoOrgNo post. Other participants:

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athena said...

good for you having your kids make their own lunch.

Corrie said...

yet another way in which I am a mean mom