Thursday, September 6, 2007

We're off to see the wizard....

Today's highs:

Today we spent the morning at the local Shriner's Hospital. It has such a great feeling about it. It is beautiful inside, the patient rooms are a nice size, there is an abundance of parking, and everyone there is so nice!

Tyler went in for a presurgical consultation on his spine fusion. His scoliosis angle is 120 degrees. If you're not sure - that's huge! I'm not sure, yet, when his surgery will be, but this should make it much easier for him to be able to sit (after he's recovered).

Thank goodness they had a bed for him to lay on (lie on?). He was very unhappy with me for taking him anywhere hospital-like.

Then we went to the children's hospital to sign medical releases (again), got lunch, and went to his 2nd wheelchair fitting across town.

Today's adventures:
* started last night
* I took a sleeping pill (to avoid alarm clock anxiety)
* threw it up 10 minutes later
* woke up at 6:30 to the sound of the doorbell - alarm didn't go off
* my mom gets Ty ready while I
* don't shower - just makeup, quick toothbrush, deodorant, change of clothes & we're off
* notice that I'm low on gas
* throw up (Ty this time) at Shriner's
* wow, I'm really low on gas
* Ty throws up at children's hospital parking garage
* take him out of chair and let him lay on front seat (he's tall enough now)
* holy smokes! running on fumes now
* wrongfully accuse husband of not filling up tank
* reminds me (kindly) that he took his car, not mine
* note to self: apologize profusely
* phew! find a gas station
* take scenic route to next appt (read sorta got lost)
* realize that Ty's tube (for throwing up) is back in the children's hospital parking garage
* run a few blocks away to buy a spare (lucky it was so close)
* Ty throws up while I'm gone
* grandma takes him out of his chair and gets creative
* Ty throws up on the way home (twice)
* Arrive home, big sigh............

And while today was not all Peaches 'n' Cream,


was delicious.
There's nothing like peaches fresh off the tree (and actually ripe)


Summer said...

You sure had a busy, messy day. Does Ty only get sick on car rides or is it just whenever?
The peach looks delicious. We can't seem to find good peaches even when they're in season anywhere out here.

Corrie said...

At least it was easily contained.Poor kiddo.
It's mostly the sound and smell that get to me.

(kind of like that scene in Goonies, where the fat kid is confessing his sins & one of them is causing a puke chain reaction by pouring fake vomit over the balcony and making wretching sounds. Sorry, that was too much of a visual)

Montserrat said...

What a day! Thank goodness for a mom who can come and help.

Corrie said...

Montse - I count my stars that I have her.

Lisa M. said...

Where have I been? Sheesh, I swear I check every single day, and then woop, tons of posts in a day. I think I might have something wrong with my browser.

I love Shriners. LOVE it- I take E there for a lot of things.

Which Doc is doing the surgery?

My oldest son had spinal surgery for Kyphosis. Dr. Smith did it, and it was hard, but he was very good, and I couldn't be happier.

Ah, sorry for the throwing up. Yuck.