Saturday, September 8, 2007

How do you know...

when the property you're looking at is out of your price range?

1. a chopper lands on the next street over
2. a realtor and his clients 'disembark' to get a closer look at the lot
3. the chopper has the realtor's name and city of business painted on it
4. said 'city of business' - is a major ski resort with multi-million dollar homes
5. you are merely driving around in your (used, but loved) car.


athena said...

LOL, reminds of the time we were in monte carlo. we were dressed in our best clothes touring the sites only to look dressed down when the locals came out to take their dogs for a walk. are you thinking of buying property? :)

Elizabeth-W said...

Definitely sounds to be high-swank!
Are you feeling neglected? I'm so behind on commenting!
My blogging is falling behind sleeping in my priority list :)

Corrie said...

athena - lol, we would have looked like bums there. We are 'looking' at property, but haven't found the right place yet. Does your birthmark get all tingly (ala Harry Potter?) when you feel the wandering bug? Mine doesn't, but I do get "restless-house syndrome"

EW - I'm not just feeling neglected, I'm positively blog-icidal. But sleep, if you must;)