Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tyler takes a trip

I took Ty to his first custom-molded wheelchair fitting today. First, they take that blue cushion you see in the picture below and snug it up to his body. That takes four people, and eight hands to get it just right. Then they pump all the air out of it. Ty is then pried from the seat and chalk lines are drawn along the curvatures in 2 inch increments.

Then a special pen is passed over the lines which results in a digitized map of the cushion. The file is emailed to the company (Otto Bock) where a replica will be routed out of a single block of foam. In one month, they will call us up for a trial fit before the final seat is made.

On the way home, Tyler became sick. I happened to have gone alone (my mom is laid-up with a back injury). We were very close to home, but I pulled over and hooked up his g-tube to relieve some of the pressure.

Thankfully, I had brought one of those big pink bins (from the hospital) with me. He wasn't easing up on being sick, so the best thing to do was drive home. I thought I could keep one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the the bin to keep Ty from knocking it to the floor.

There is a reason they do not make car air fresheners in the scent of Stomach Acid. Ewww!

Anyway, that is a most unnatural position for the triceps muscle to be in. I have learned tonight how much I use that particular muscle. It is angry and letting me know it any time I lift my arm above my elbow. Good thing I can rest my hand on the keyboard to type.

So, tomorrow it's off to see Dr. Bartholomew - the Physical Therapist, who also happens to be my brother-in-law. He is like a marriage counselor for muscles and their owners. I am counting on Mike to work some magic and resolve the differences my right tricep and I are having - cuz I really need that little guy to get over it and work with me.


Elizabeth-W said...

It's amazing about Ty's chair. How many years will that last him, meaning, has he stopped growing?
Love the pool pic. Sooo refreshing.
Guess what? I'm a lefty, too. It has always been my excuse for why I can't knit crochet, use a sewing machine, etc.

Montserrat said...

It's amazing all the technology we have nowadays. A fitted wheelchair, how cool is that?

athena said...

then i think i need to see a marriage counselor for my neck (carrying a large camera with a big lens can be tough work). i'll talk to my husband about it. ;)