Wednesday, September 12, 2007

To the person who is probably still looking

for their cart at Walmeh -

No, you're not crazy

Yes, your cart was just right there

and sorry, I ditched it in the shoes section after I went to put something in it and realized I had someone else's cart. I was just too embarrassed to track you down and return it. (Which normally I would do, but I'd had your cart for at least 5 minutes - I 'm just glad your purse wasn't in it, or I would've forced myself to endure that humiliation).

I did find my own cart, but seriously folks, what's next?

One of those "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up" necklaces?

Or maybe, I'll have to get one of those recording/memo keychains so I can actually find my car when I come back out.



b. said...

You are a scream!
One more reason to not shop Wal-meh.

Summer said...

LOL! Someone started taking my cart once on accident, but I noticed before she'd left the aisle.

Montserrat said...

I don't know what to say, I'm laughing to hard to type. Your life is never boring is it? :D

Corrie said...

b. - Because of the cartnappers? or the inability to find one's car after shopping?

summer - was that me?

monste - what does that word mean?

Elizabeth-W said...

Corrie that is too funny! I have never done that. I say that only because as I think about it, I'm completely surprised that I haven't! Maybe, and I don't know how this isn't true for you too, but maybe it's b/c I always have at least one child OF MY OWN attached to the basket?? I'm just sayin that I think I'd at least recognize if I were strolling off with someone else's offspring...

Corrie said...

ew - I've tried to take my kids shopping with me, but since I enjoy that about as much as going to the dentist or the ob/gyn - I tend to avoid it and sneak over there after dinner or once they're in bed.

Thankfully, I only grabbed a cart with merchandise in it, not a purse or a child - I might have a criminal record by now.

Lisa said...

Oh it was YOU! Just kidding..that is funny!

athena said...

i had to chuckle at you taking someone else's cart. i have done that a couple times and it's so embarrassing. i often loose track of where i've parked my car too. if my car alarm wasn't the same as everyone else's i'm sure i would be able to find my car just as easy--i use to do the car alarm thing a lot in order to find my car. that was back in the days when everyone didn't have car alarms.

Corrie said...

lisa - yep, pretty sure it was.

athena - I think that's the real purpose of my alarm (homing beacon).