Saturday, September 15, 2007

The pros and cons of Independence

Pro: You are able to get through a lot of difficult situations through sheer determination

Con: It can be exhausting; determination is, naturally, a resource-suck

Pro: You are forward thinking and prepare for physical needs (meals, cleaning, child care)

Con: It can be lonely; people assume that you don't need anything, and forget that emotional needs are just as important (moral support, friendship, including your children in activities)

Pro: You are resourceful and can find things to do with your time

Con: It can isolate you and fool you into thinking you don't need people anyway

Pro: You are constantly drawing on internal resolve to get things done

Con: It can make you think you're "all that" - who needs God (or people) anyway?

Pro: You can kick your own butt when you're wrong

Con: It can be rather painful - to kick your own butt when you're wrong

At least it's some form of exercise


Elizabeth-W said...

So.....who are we talking about here? You, your spouse, a child or two?? ;)

Corrie said...

I'd never talk about Blaine (or the kids) that way. Nope the only person I'm that harsh on - is me.