Saturday, August 18, 2007

Walmart - Hah! How about Wal-meh?

I know I can't be the only one to experience this. I am a regular shopper at Wal-meh, at least I was. I'm thinking that any cost savings were negated by the thirty minutes I had to wait in line. I don't know about you, but my time is a valuable commodity in rather short supply. I'm never in the mood to donate it to a big box retailer.

Our local Wally world has routinely short-staffed the check-out lanes during the busiest time of day while, at the same time, closing all the self check-outs and express lanes.

I think I've had it.

I'd much rather pay a little more and get back home to my life than stand in a line of 8-10 crabby people for 30 minutes or more.

It used to be that they had managers at the front-end who would ensure that new check-outs were opened up as they were needed, but now that the shoppers are hooked on the low prices, Wal-meh's only concern seems to be stocking shelves. If you think you can avoid this problem by shopping later in the evening, you're wrong. Not only are there never enough checkers (or an open express lane), but you must navigate the maze of boxes that the restockers haphazardly put out.

Right about now, a lot of people are probably missing the "mom and pop" stores that Wal-meh! forced out of business. Lower prices have never been a quality substitute for good, old-fashioned customer service. I think their new slogan ought to be

Always long lines
and maybe it will be in stock
At least it would be "truth in advertising".
Or is it just me?


adria said...

That's a great picture of you.

Have you seen WalMart: The high cost of low price?

Very interesting, very disturbing.

Corrie said...

thanks on the pic (Blaine & my mom don't think it looks like me) - I think it's my Teri Garr look.

I haven't seen that one, is it a documentary?

Elizabeth-W said...

That is it!! You look like Terri!! It's been bugging me who you look like! :)
I avoid Wall-meh like the plague. I suppose is there was one closer to my house I might go, but I have a 'bag your own' grocery store a couple minutes away. Then I make a trek to target every now and then for the stuff winco doesn't have. Speaking of which, I have got to get going on the school supplies stuff--socks, pencils, etc.

Summer said...

Always long lines
and maybe it will be in stock

That must be the slogan of all stores and fast food restaraunts around here. The only place I have EVER received decent customer service out here is at Wegmans.
Drive thrus take 10 minutes to get through, employees act like it's such a pain in the butt to have to help you and stores are never well stocked. Good customer service is the one thing I miss most about living in the west.

Corrie said...

EW - I don't really look like her IRL, just sometimes in pics. I think I will have to shop at Target, but I'm not sure I have enough self control to stay away from all the fun things they have.

Summer- I don't think I've gathered from your blog where you live now. Haven't heard of Wegman's is it a superstore?

Heffalump said...

I have been having angry feelings towards Wal-Meh myself lately. The same issues. I have to drive an hour to get to WalMart. We usually try to coordinate a visit there with visits to see family, and we also hit WinCo. We live in a small town and only have Safeway, Fred Meyer, and JC Penney. Wal-Meh sucks me in with cheap jeans and cheap school supplies and then doesn't have the sizes or supplies I need. Blah.

b. said...

You do look like Terri!
For the first time in 9 years of kids being in school....I did not step foot in wally world! In fact, I haven't been there in months....and I'm feeeeelin' good!

Corrie said...

Heff- I hope you end up with a Target, at least their color scheme is pleasing and I've never had to wait that long.

b- I have total non-supercenter shopper envy. (that was a mouthful).

adria said...

Yep, it is a documentary.

athena said...

oh girl, you've not been to france have you! ;) that's the place where they not only make you wait, but make you pack your own shopping then ask you if you have the correct change. LOL, c'est la vie.

Corrie said...

a - well then, I 'd best stay home and keep france in that dreamy place in my mind.

Kenna said...

Just the other night I stood in line for thirty min at Walmart. I had Shara with me and it was 9pm, and past her bed time, you know what that means. When I finnaly got up to the checker I said,
you probably hear this all night but I am complaining so you can tell your superviser that customers are complaining.
We cant control our cashiers. She responded.
What does that mean? I asked.
They all call in sick leaving us with four cashiers.
Then you fire them, they either need to find someone to take their shift or come in sick. I replied (here is an idea, hire more checkers,it's not like they don't have the registers available.)
Not if their in the hospital. She mocked
Your telling me that all thirty of your checkers are in the Hospital! What a load.

Anyway I have only gone back to pick up film I already droped off. I wont be back if I can help it. They are a Joke!

Corrie said...

I think it speaks to the store's management. My Sis in law manages one and she said there's a number you can call, because they have a policy on how many people in line before they open new checkstands.

Kasey said...

Hi Corrie - I just stumbled into your blog tonight (I think I started at Rocks In My Dryer). Imagine living in a place that has NO other shopping options than Wal-Mart! Okay, we do have a Target 30 minutes away, but it doesn't have groceries). So, our choice is Wal-Mart A, Wal-Mart B or Wal-Mart C. Yes, I live in Bentonville, AR (home of Wal-meh) and I make a living selling to them. I don't disagree with you - they definitely could do a better job staffing. They're actually using RFID technology (attached to carts) now to study the length of shopping trips and make adjustments to their staffing. They're trying. It's not all roses being the world's largest retailer (and largest employer, for that matter). Just a trivial fact from an insider who feels your shopping pain! I enjoy your blog, by the way. Are you in the Salt Lake area? I noticed you mentioned Gardener's Village. I have a sister who lives in Sandy. Nice to virtually meet you!

Corrie said...

Kasey - the funny thing is my sil manages a store for them - she has informed me that our local store is not following company policy regarding staffing.

For now, I'll try another Wal-meh and see if it's any better. This store was awesome when it first opened, now
not so much.