Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For fun and other stuff, like thinking

I'm highlighting blogs that aren't on my blogroll - because you have to know about these:

1. Because I said so, i mean - BECAUSE I SAID SO - You know that hilarious Ebay posting that was going around? About the Pokemon cards? Well, she has a blog and it's motherhood in all it's gory, I mean glory.

2. Notes From the Trenches - Chris has a large family (by today's standards) and she homeschools them and she has enough energy left over to be funny.

3. La Pajaro - You must read Birdie's Avon stories, especially this one. Word is that she's publishing a book soon and she also has a writing lesson column at blogher. This is my one exception to not being on my blogroll, but she's a recent addition. I owe this find to Adria.

4. Daring Young Mom - Sometimes, I can't stop holding my sides. If you can't laugh at this, you're not a female.

5. i gotta b - Here is a gal after my own heart. She says what I don't. This is a very good post of hers.

6. {my topography} - beautiful writing and photos. Thanks to Athena for sharing her find with us.

7. scribbit - she is my smorgasbord of entertainment: blogging tips, fun things to do with the kids, giveaways, writing contests, fun stuff to do in Alaska, recipes - she's got it all.

8. meg fowler - funny, and witty, oh so witty. She writes openly, amazingly, and dog gone it, people like her. (she's even on the radio)

9. Posie Gets Cozy - more delightful photos, recipes, writing, and sewing.

10. The Shabbee Chick - house eye candy, the very best kind. Especially for my mom and sis, Kelley.

11. blog of a redhead - science can be fun. Also, her husband makes gorgeous furniture.

12. dooce - a guilty read. She is irreverent and I think that's her point. If you don't like what she has to say, I'm sure you will enjoy her photos. (Also, mom, please don't read her - but if you do, please don't ground me forever).

13. Bloggy Giveaways - Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer has started a new site. If you are into winning free stuff, this is the place for you. Check it out.


Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing! I plan to check them out.

b. said...

Thanks for the props...I enjoy you too!

Corrie said...

lisa - you won't be sorry

b. - thx (I'm sneaking you onto my blogroll)

Scribbit said...

Why thanks, I appreciate the mention!

Corrie said...

scribbit - I'm betting most already read you. I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but it was before I was reading Lazy O.

b. said...