Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The brands I love and can't live without!

We are mostly a generic or store brand family, but there are a few things I feel are worth spending the extra money for.

For babies:
Huggies wipes - I go through a lot of these each month. The fragrance isn't overpowering, the wipe is plenty thick (so you use less per change), and I love the pop-up feature.

Luvs diapers - I use Huggies for the newborn size, but after that it's Luvs all the way! Economical and no leaks.

For the kids:
Skippy Natural Peanutbutter - at the beginning of our marriage, we became peanutbutter snobs. We have always paid a bit more for Skippy, but then we got health conscious, at least we sorta did, and made the switch to Skippy Natural. Wait for Albertson's to have their 10 for $10 sale and pick up all the 18 oz jars you can - it's cheaper than buying the heart attack jumbo size - or, just buy it regularly when you stop in at your local Wal-meh it's $2 there.

Yoplait Gogurts & Fizzix - again, we pick these up at Wal-meh (best price, not a lot of variety). Ty absolutely loves these and you can freeze them if they're close to expiring. Fizzix is a cross between pop rocks and yogurt, kind of like carbonated yogurt. I know they're loaded with sugar, but I'll try anything to help Ty eat by mouth again.

For the grown-ups:
Post Frosted Shredded Wheat and Quaker Granola - if I haven't made our own granola, these tend to be our breakfast favorites.

Dr Pepper - Mr Pibb just doesn't cut it for me, in fact, I'd rather drink water than spend the calories on a substitute. Although, I like mine from a soda fountain rather than the can.

Skintimate Shave Gel (sensitive skin)- Why yes, I do like to pay for products through the nose, thank you. This one is worth it. Soft legs without the dryness, what's not to love? The price maybe?

Best Foods Mayonnaise - either you're a mayo or a Miracle Whip family, but hardly ever are you both. We are a mayo family. I have made my own and it tastes a lot like Best Foods, so we are stuck in a mayo rut.

All Small & Mighty detergent - I have always been a Surf detergent user, but then my daughter developed excema. Somehow All Small & Mighty gets the clothes clean, is easy on her skin, and still leaves the clothes with a nice scent. I think having soft water helps, too.

And, while we're at it, let's talk chocolate. I prefer the creamier stuff like Cadbury's and Lindt. I don't go so far as to shop at the import store, and I have been know to succumb to the siren song of Peanut M&Ms.

Check out other bloggers' favorite brands at Rocks in my Dryer. But first, tell me what brands you can't live without.


Summer said...

Oooo, we love Dr. Pepper over here!

Kansas A said...

Oh sometimes it's chaos in our house! Hubby is a Miracle Whip fan, I'm mayo, the kids are either... do you know how hard it is to make a plate of sandwiches for all to enjoy?? It would be so much easier if Hubby would just switch, not me of course LOL.

Elizabeth-W said...

Okay I thought of something. As you know I am a Pepper drinker. :)
But there are few other things I really get anxious about. It took me several hours to come up with something. Then I remembered I am very picky about eggs. I only buy organic eggs, and bought organic milk for years, finally stopped about a year ago. If we had more disposable income I'd only buy organic meat/dairy products. Produce I'm not that wound up about for some reason.

Lisa M. said...

Ah I loved this post. Fun-

What a neat idea!

Corrie said...

summer - dr pepper is your friend, sorta

kansas - a 'both' family? Very rare, indeed.

ew - I used to get farm fresh organic eggs, they are soooo different from the ones you get in the store. Mine turned everything a lovely shade of orangey-yellow.

lisa - thx

athena said...

sanitarium weetbix. we don't have any so i'm about to die. we do have weetabix but it's not the same.

when we were in france i couldn't go without olay cleansing wipes for the face. and finesse shampoo and conditioner.

b. said...

farm fresh eggs are wonderful.

We have both Miracle Whip and Kraft at our house...I use them for different things.

YES! on the Skintimate Shave Gel....it is AWESOME!

I don't even have babies, yet I keep Huggies Wipes around...they're great for lots of things! They are great for taking off make-up.

I'm a Gain laundry detergent user....Love it.
Fun post!

Corrie said...

Athena-I haven't seen sanitarium weetbix before, just the weetabix. My dad said when he was a kid and his older sis got married, they put weetbix in her bed for a joke.

The Olay cleansing wipes were a lifesaver at the hospital.

b- are you lucky enough to have your own hens? I'm wondering what you use Miracle Whip for - I haven't found anything that doesn't make me pucker.

b. said...

Noooo hens. We did that once. Have I ever said that I am a dead eye (read: Annie Oakley)Rooster. One Shot. Between the eyes. Just sayin'.

Samwhiches=miracle whip