Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Wish you were here!


Elizabeth-W said...

oooh that looks great!!
Take a great picture of yourself using your new favorite 'smile' word!

Montserrat said...

The water looks soooo inviting right now! We have the sand but no water. Sometimes the desert stinks!

Summer said...

Wish I was there too! Ah, looks soooo nice.

athena said...

ok, where in the world are you! you've been holding out on us, haven't you!

b. said...

Me too! Where are you?
Beautiful pictures....have a wonderful time!

Corrie said...

Blaine & I snuck away to an education seminar, but it was postponed. We decided to make the best of it.

We found a hotel room with a great bed - very important the older you get! We kicked around in California, specifically Newport Beach.

Blaine said the water was warmer than he's ever seen it - we checked with the lifeguard & he said it has been 73 degrees nearly all summer. (I wonder if we're in for another El Nino winter).

Both of us enjoyed a day of nothing but reading for pleasure and watching/listening to the waves roll in.

It makes me want to bring the kids next week, but Labor Day is not the day to visit Newport Beach. Ahhh well.

We've had a wonderful time.

Elizabeth-W said...

I knew it!!! I KNEW that is where you had to be. That is where I spent my honeymoon, Balboa Island specifically.