Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mountains.........a metaphor

Preparations have been made
the bags are packed
the route has been chosen
At this point, when my son realized that camp was just over the top of the first ridge in the center of the picture (which he nicknamed "The Colloseum")
he was overwhelmed
but, when it was his dad that nearly faltered when camp seemed unobtainable,
(this was his first hike after his Achilles' tendon rupture/repair 2 years ago and his legs were cramping up)
My son became the motivator,
telling his dad to just take 10 steps then rest
and it was his idea to run ahead, find the lake, and scout out a camp spot

their views along the way
Mine is a true blogger's hubby -
he dutifully snapped pictures of
the wildflowers

it's important to notice the beauty along the way
The view from the top
(haze from the wildfires)
Almost there

(this picture worried me a bit, but Mr. Triumph assured me that he was just a few feet from solid ground)

The Summit
not the end of the journey,
but where you glory in everything you've learned
for climbing the next mountain,
reaching the next summit


Elizabeth-W said...

Look at those two handsome guys! What a great experience for both of them.
Are you back from your trip?

Summer said...

Oh how I miss hiking and camping in the mountains. I hope we live near the mountains again someday.

athena said...

beautiful photographs. love the metaphor too. must have been a very triumphant day for both father and son.

Corrie said...

EW - don't kid yourself, those guys may be cute, but they're stanky after climbing. (but they are my stanky boys).

Summer - life without mountains just isn't the same. I wish the same for you too.

Athena - I like this avatar even better. You are just as bad as I am. Wait, do you like to move the furniture around all the time, too?