Friday, August 24, 2007

Celebrate good times.......

A new baby (who's obviously very happy)

oh! and never tell your kids to say 'cheese!', you will not get natural smiles

A wedding (Chad's)

Sorry for the washed-out photos. My scanner isn't hooked up so these are pics of pics.

Friday Love (ala Meg):

the smell/feel of the Mediterranean climate just before coming down Cajon Pass

steak dinners and teenage strolls down memory lane

the comfortable silence between two people content with each other's company

salt spray

surf sounds
a good novel and a beach chair

sunglasses (as big as my face)

the hard, wet sand - water rolling in, kissing toes, then running back out

ocean sunsets
alfresco dining
ice cream on the pier
moonlit nights


b. said...

No, don't say cheese, say poop or fart....that'll get the real thing. Especially if they are boys and are 12.

Elizabeth-W said...

2-21-07 post by me about our family word for taking pics.... :)

Corrie said...


I think the "wuh" sound is great for making a smile - as long as you don't snap the pic too soon and catch them all puckering.

Corrie said...
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Corrie said...

b - I think Russ would just roll his eyes at me and say "Geesh mom, you don't have to swear."

athena said...

gorgeous pics of the children--especially when they say cheese! i have some of those too! :) love the friday loves. sounds like you're enjoying your vacation.

b. said...

Your boy must be a lot more refined than mine are.
I get the full on body laugh!

Corrie said...

I swear I commented again - lousy internet. I mean lovely internet (you can't afford to get those web gods mad at you).

A- you have 'cheese' pictures, but you're an amazing photog, how is that possible?

b. - not more refined, just a self-appointed mom corrector. Besides, everything I do embarrasses him these days.