Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Life....with some souvenirs

A whole host of cliches are coming to mind right now:

Parting is such sweet sorrow, All's well that ends well, oh crap - those are ripoffs from Shakespeare

Back to life, back to reality - no, wait that's a song

Anyway, we're ba-ack (creepy Poltergiest reference). The time went too quickly, even though we are glad to see our kids again. The last time we left and went somewhere together was February (to St. George) and before that was probably a year ago to an overnighter in Salt Lake. Beyond that, couldn't even tell you. But it was probably the cruise we went on for our ten year anniversary six and a half years ago.

I think we were due for some one-on-one time. Here are some pictures from our trip - as short as it was we still managed to take oodles, tons, and even -

scads of pictures.

the view towards Zion's Natl Park
the view at my feet (from the picture above)
the airstrip at Strawberry Point

(it's that tiny dirt road on the left side of the pic)

Cedar Breaks from below
Navajo Lake
one of the most peaceful places on earth
from the west end of Navajo Lake
last, but not least:

I even used sunscreen
which means I should definitely get out more
I should definitely go back-
next week?


Summer said...

Sunscreen always manages to fail me as well.
It looks like you had such a nice time. I wish we had gone on vacation this summer.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures-you have quite a talent. Cedar Breaks and Navajo...hmmm- that's practically home to me. Glad you had a good time. You guys so deserve a getaway. -J

Lisa M. said...

It's beautiful. I really love, Navajo Lake, and Cedar Breaks-

Welcome home.

Max-e said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Must be a great to get away there.

Elizabeth-W said...

Lovely, lovely. Are you 'tripped out' yet?

Montserrat said...

The last pic made me say "Ouch" right out loud. Having never had a sun burn I can only imagine. . .

Navajo Lake looks beautiful!

Corrie said...

S- I think it's evidence that I've been inside too much this summer, there are hardly any freckles in that picture.

J - yep, that is your neck of the woods. Do you know of any hidey-holes we should visit?

Lisa - thanks, don't we live in a "pretty great state?" That was a horrible state slogan.

Max-e - nice to see you here. It was lovely and far too short.

EW - tripped out? never, well only when the kids come. It's not vacation if you live there though.

Monste - I luv your new pictures and your skin is lovely. I'm jealous of the no-sunburn. I'll have to post about my childhood cancer inducing burn sometime.

athena said...

love the pics corrie. a well deserved break for the both of you. i've never had sun burn either, but i did get freckles. :-D