Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Before/After....& a possible new treatment option

Ty is still feeling well, but he is having some trouble with his bladder holding onto fluid (if you know what I mean). Also, late last night I learned about a different treatment option that is far less toxic. It comes with its own side effects, but is not bladder/kidney toxic. I have put in a call to the doctor to see what he thinks about it.

Sometimes, you just have to do a little legwork to learn more about your options. I'll keep you posted.

This is Ty at his usual happy-self best...

before the head-shaving party

In the middle of it. We decided to shave it because we found a big pile of hair on his pillow one morning. Ty dislikes anything having to do with hair cuts, the look on his face is akin to him telling me just what he thinks of it all. He had enough 'tude thatmorning to punk out with the best of them.

Another *before* shot

One with all the girls.

And our latest *after* shot.
Is this not the quintessential definition of "fuzzy"?


Montserrat said...

The first pic of Ty looks so much like the third one on your Flashback Friday post. They don't change much do they? I wouldn't be happy either if my beautiful hair was getting cut off. The fuzzy hair shot makes me want to reach over and rub his head.

Elizabeth-W said...

Poor guy! That second shot is so clear "I am not happy about this!"
Hope you're having a great 4th!