Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ty's Tuesday Music Picks

Edited to change out video (for a really fun one)
I played my playlist for Ty today and discovered a few I need to add to his Ipod.

For your listening (and viewing) entertainment:
You may all have seen these guys already, but I hadn't - so I thought I would share.

Who can forget this era?
Choose Life! Waxed eyebrows, neon, and short shorts - oh my!

Ty loves the sound of string instruments, so it was only natural for him to dig this next one. I may just have to learn how to pick that chorus on the guitar.

Happy Tuesday y'all!


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I don't care about anything else I've heard about George Michael. The 14-year-old girl in me will ALWAYS LOVE HIM.

But I don't feel strongly about that song or anything. :)

Love the ABBA too. I didn't know they were doing videos clear back then.

b. said...

I love the Johnny/Roseanne Cash song, I'm a big fan! The Wham! song brought back many good memories!

I work on the Pediatrics Unit at my local hospital.....I love kids and have a HUGE place in my heart for those with special needs.

Corrie said...

MM - clearly those were big bucks productions - back in the day.

B - I heard that song the fall before I got married. It has such a catchy tune.

We have been really blessed to have some great nurses involved in Ty's care. They are some of the most caring people - thank you for your work.