Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Shrunk, shrank, shrunken?

The oncologist was unable to attend the Tumor Board Meeting. She will be back in the office on Friday. However, the surgical oncologist concurred with Tyler's surgeon that the tumor is ressectable.

They found that the tumor had shrunk 2 cm from top to bottom, and 1.5 cm from side to side. This is great news, but it is still 14cm x 14cm - bigger than when we started chemo. They did not measure the depth, although I'm sure it also shrunk about the same amount. It would require such a large repair, that unless the oncologist thinks a higher dose of the DTIC and Doxi (but still under the amount that could cause heart damage) would work, we will pretty much wait and see what the tumor is going to do. We are still giving him the Goji and increasing his water intake. Measurements on Thursday.

Both Ty and Ellie have been sick again today, so it is probably a flu bug. Susie is complaining of head and tummy pains now, but so far - no fever. As long as no one else starts trying out for the Olympics Gastrointestinal Projectile Team, we're all good.

In other news, we have branched out from Weeding Therapy to include Outdoor Color Rehab in an effort to alleviate our guilt over the recent weed annihilation. We are also sprucing up Ty's sensory garden. It has herbs to taste and smell, plants that are soft to the touch, and of course, colors that are so brilliant, Ty can't help but admire them. Pictures to come.


Scribbit said...

This is my first visit and after looking around and seeing your profile you have my instant admiration.

That's wonderful news about the tumor--whether it's shrunk or shrank it's got to be a very welcome piece of information.

My hopes and prayers are with your family

athena said...

oh boy corrie. you're certainly not having one of those "boring day" days, are you. good news about the tumor though.

Jackie said...

So glad to hear that the tumor deamon is shrinking! keep on shrinking baby! Lor is a great surgeon, so your in good hands if he does the surgery.
Jack just had his desmoid resected again on 4/5 this time from his back and he's recovering well. he's hoping to be strong enough to go wake boarding. We have his next MRI in 2 weeks. time will tell!
Hope we have the SHRANK, SHRUNK thing too!
have a great weekend and hopefully a warmer/drier one!
Jackie and Jack Parker

Corrie said...

This is a pretty mild day compared to most, so I would call it *partly boring*

Jackie & Scribbit - thanks for dropping by, and Jackie I hope Jack is doing better.

Our Peculiar Life said...

can't wait to see them! (the pics that is) and glad that the tumor is smaller (I won't even worry about shrunk or shrank)