Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Everything old is new again?

The next thing you know jelly shoes, big belts, shirtdresses, and peg leg jeans will make a comeback. Oh wait, they already are - why can't it be the izod shirts and penny loafers?

Anyway, along the same lines of making comebacks - we had an early call from the oncologist's office today. After reviewing Tyler's *file* she feels that there is room for giving him an increase in his last chemo dose.

I know we thought we wouldn't be doing anymore chemo, but now it sounds like they have noticed a breakthrough effect on patients who have upped the dosage upon reaching a plateau. She also feels that it would have more effect to give it to him now rather than to wait for some point in the future.
(ie. should surgery become necessary and there is recurrence of the tumor).

Boy, none of that makes sense when I read it back to myself, but somehow it all sorts out in my head. We have put in a call to his oncologist at the children's hospital to see if he is comfortable with this new suggestion. We'll keep you posted.

New measurements: 18x14 cm (slightly smaller - definitely feels smaller)
(these are over the top of the tumor and not a true measurement, just a comparative one).

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Our Peculiar Life said...

I thought it made sense. Let us know how it goes.