Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Strings and things...

Ty's favorite song right now, hands down, is Queen's We Will Rock You. He loves us to hold his hands and bounce his elbows against the bed in time to the beat. It always brings a smile to his face, which brings a smile to ours. Hope you enjoy these videos as much as he enjoys listening to the songs.

He has an Ipod with a Bose speaker dock - which Santa brings you if you have to do chemo. We've filled it with a lot of his favorite songs. If you know of any songs with a great beat and a good guitar sound, let us know. We'd love to hear some new songs around here.

He also loves Jump, Jive, N Wail by the Brian Setzer Orchestra - in fact, he pretty much likes just about anything Brain Setzer. The more obnoxious guitar, the better.

Rock this town

I also found the entire version of I'll Fly Away that he likes - it is set to a slide show of artwork

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