Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hospital Fun

Here's some pictures of Tyler enjoying the Vecta machine with his sisters.

I have got to get a better camera, or else stop taking so much thyroid. Drat, the shaking fingers!

Sorry about the poor picture quality on this one, Ellie is a moving target.

Did you ever wonder what fiber optic hair looks like?

I know it's a mean trick to cover his bald head with strands of light, but he loves us anyway.

We had an interesting morning today. We thought he might have to go up to Primary Children's (PCMC) for some TPA. It's an anti-clotting agent. I tried to give him his IV antibiotic, and it wouldn't go in - I also couldn't get any blood return on his line. I kept trying and eventually, it worked.

He's also been running a very low-grade fever for a couple days, but it broke and His normal body temp tends to be two degrees lower than most people.

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