Monday, May 7, 2007

And the kids?

I have had some of you ask how the other kids are holding up. It's pretty tough having either your mom or dad gone all the time. We are so grateful to our wonderful grandma, great-aunt, and neighbor for all of their wonderful support on the home front. They are really the ones who make it possible for me to be with Tyler the whole time. This is absolutely necessary as mistakes happen even when I'm there.

Just last night, a float nurse gave him another patient's antibiotic. It was the same one he should've gotten only double the dose - this has never happened before. He seems to be okay now (unpleasant night though), but it could've turned out much worse.

The morning before, while I was sleeping, they ran his antibiotic with the chemo - in the same line. They weren't compatible. Again, he was okay. He is certainly working his guardian angels overtime. Did I mention how grateful we are for all of your prayers on his behalf? Thank you, thank you, thank you. We know that he is being "looked after" and we are so appreciative for your prayers and good wishes.

Usually, I stay at the hospital Sunday-Friday afternoon and then Mr. Triumph is with Tyler until Sunday afternoon. I have been taking the kids out on the weekends. Sometimes it is just to the library, but we have also gone to visit Ty, or out to dinner, or to visit with family.

Their favorite activity is to head to the Dinosaur Museum. Ellie calls all of the dino skeletons "puppy," and of course, they all love the erosion table.

It has been very hard on the kids, and they mostly handle it well. I think sometimes that Ellie is a bit confused about who mommy is. The girls have learned a lot about compassionate service and are great helpers. Speilberg is becoming more independent and having to figure some things out on his own. I really regret not being able to be in two places at once.

We are hoping that Tyler will get an opportunity to participate with Make-A-Wish. I think he would love nothing more than to see a Huka performed at Grandpa's Marai in New Zealand, but the trip would probably be too hard on him. It may be that swimming with dolphins in Hawaii will be even more satisfying.

Or maybe he should use his to visit Heni in England and go to Euro-Disney. It was so great to see them when they were here. Any thoughts? He won't be able to go anywhere until he is cleared for travel, and at this point, surgery still hasn't been ruled out.

I am sure that most kids just wish for a cure and to have life as normal return again. If there was any way to guarantee it, that would be our wish.


sippinghotchocolate said...

i just had to follow your link to see who his nice person was that was leaving me nice comments on my blog. thank you. and thank you for thinking my photos beautiful.

Bree said...

I'm so glad that you are doing this blog. Writing is such great therapy--and you are truly a writer! Tyler is an angel on Earth. We fasted for him yesterday. (I just felt he might need the extra spiritual boost.) It was good for me to sit down and read his whole story at once since I only get bits of it here and there. I'm happy to know he is doing somewhat better.
I'm sure your other children are blessed by having Tyler's sweet spirit in the house. It is so much easier to take care of a happy person. I've always loved that the most about Ty Ty.

Terry said...

I loved reading your blog about Tyler. It touched my heart to be reminded about what your sweet family is going through with Ty. It made me think about all the wonderful people that have been there to help, from family, neighbors, great caregivers at the clinics and on the Oncology floor to complete strangers who share comments and stories of their own. The world is full kind wonderful people who go through difficult things and some how reading what you wrote helped me feel connected with them in a very sweet way. Also thanks to you and Blaine for being wonderful parents that are not easily daunted. Love Mom

Corrie said...

Athena -
your photos are amazing, and your writing is too

Bree -
Thank you for your fasting and prayers, he can always use the boost. I'm so glad that he can still laugh and be happy through all of this - it does make it easier

Mom -
There have been so many people who have helped us during this time. I can't imagine how we would do it without all the wonderful help we receive. I know my kids are well cared for and loved while I am away and that makes it easier to be with Ty.