Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spring Fever

Every year, usually in the springtime, I get restless and I start looking at house plans again. We live in a great house in a great neighborhood, but I have always wanted to design a home that takes Tyler's needs (storage and accessibility) and our tastes into account. One where he can be involved in everything we do.

I'd like to incorporate elements from "The Not So Big House," "Patterns of Home," and "Good House Parts." I love built ins and efficiency. I love designing and redesigning house plans. A couple of times I have almost hit on the perfect plan, but so far, I am still looking and drawing.

I think this is just my version of Spring Fever. It usually starts with the need to take a road trip and ends up with checking out slews of books on home design, various decorating styles, building green (someone desperately needs to write a book with updated pictures on this subject), and of course, surfing all the various home plan sites. I have gone through so many different phases and styles that I may never get this house drawn, let alone actually built.

We would love to live on a piece of property with a stream, lots of trees, and wildflowers (no ticks please) that isn't too far away from civilization. (we need to be somewhat close to a major children's hospital, after all). Am I deluding myself, maybe this place doesn't exist.

If moving can't be a part of my immediate future, I will just stick to what I do best, or at least what I do most - rearranging the furniture. Just ask Bree about that one.


Our Peculiar Life said...

OH new books for me to try! I love the not so big house. I, too, like to design our dream houses quite a bit. I have been stuck on one for awhile. Maybe with these new books I will have some new ideas! Thanks!

Corrie said...

I think I have been drawing house plans since I was 8 years old. I saw a book tonight called "The Barefoot Home." Some interesting ideas there.

I really like the concept of being comfortable in your home. I am not a very formal person, so comfort is key for me.

sippinghotchocolate said...

my kind of spring cleaning. i love the concept--i might use it myself.

and the place you describe sounds like something i dream of. a home in the country but one not too far from town.