Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Serve me up a nice slice of boring....please!

I was all set to let you know about the wonderful, boring day we had. We've been hoping for one of these for awhile now. Tyler felt great, he smiled and laughed. Pretty much the only thing we did was take a trip to the library.

And then Ellie came down with Chicken Pox. I think. I'll take her to the doctor tomorrow to make sure, but all signs point toward the pox. Not a big deal really. Unless you have an immuno-supressed child in the home who has had it - twice. And you let the pox child play with the immuno-supressed child. All morning. And she broke out six hours later. Will the excitement never end? I tell you, you couldn't write this stuff, people would never buy it, because that sort of thing never happens in real life.

Except in our house.

But we happen to be prepared because we are used to living life on the edge. We gave Ty a dose of the anti-viral medicine we had for mouth sores, which incidentally is the same thing they give you for chicken pox. Sometimes. At least when you're an immuno-supressed chemo patient who happens to have a little sister who played with you. All morning. Did I mention that? All morning.

Oh! And the girls decided to make cookies. All by themselves. While Ellie and I took a nap. In their Easy Bake Oven. Well, we didn't sleep there, but that's where the cookies were baked. They did pretty well and the kitchen was still in one piece when I got there, but the cookies - not so much. There's always tomorrow.

That's when we're going to try to make boring pie. I want my slice with a big scoop of ice cream, thanks.

How was your day?


adria said...

So strange. I have a friend with an immuno suppressed child who just contracted chicken pox a couple of weeks ago. I thought that was hard to find these days.

Corrie said...

I will have to update on this one. Things have changed here - again.