Friday, May 11, 2007

7 Things

I saw this on Lara's blog and thought it would be fun to do. So here are 7 things about me:

1. I danced on TV for a Merrill Osmond Thanksgiving Special - but never watched it. Osmond? Who's that you say? Google it, I'm older than you.

2. I love foreign films - good ones. My favorite tend to be french - Count of Monte Cristo (w/Gerard Depardieu), My Mother's Castle, My Father's Glory. I can read french pretty well, speaking it on the other hand...

3. Growing up, I always wanted to be an archaeologist, a photographer for National Geographic, a writer, or maybe even a teacher. My sister was the one who wanted to be the nurse, not me. Not that I'm complaining; I love my life, it's just not exactly how I pictured life with 5 kids (but I'm pretty sure the same goes for a lot of people).

4. I have had a phobia of stinging things (bees, wasps, hornets). I say had, because it goes away every winter and hasn't yet poked it's head out this year and maybe there's still hope that it won't.

5. Closet sing-alonger, to my kids' dismay (actually only the 12 year old minds, the girls are all about it). You know, the kind you see on the freeway, in their cars. They look like they're having a very animated conversation with their self - but really, they're belting it out. The best tunes come from Queen, but Wee-Sing Sing-alongs works in a pinch.

6. I love to bake and quilt (handwork too), but I haven't done either since last October when Ty's bomb dropped. The only thing I've done is knit 3 hats from organic cotton to keep his head warm.

7. My music tastes are pretty varied (in no particular order): Harry Connick Jr., Elvis Costello, The Proclaimers, James Taylor, Queen, typical and not-so-typical 80s, classical, Les Mis and Phantom soundtracks, some Smashmouth, Allison Kraus, John Denver, ABBA, Beach Boys, Brian Setzer Orchestra, and so on.

Join in, if you like and tell me 7 things about you.


athena said...

well that was nice getting to know you! i liked my mother's castle and my father's glory too. i also liked jean de florette and manon des sources. have you seen those movies? i also liked babette's feast (not quite french though).

Corrie said...

Yes, I've seen all of those and loved them! I think Babette's is danish.

We also loved Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle,the german film Run, Lola Run (not for kids-edgy), and the japanese film Afterlife.

Have you noticed that the french versions of films are funny, but the American knockoffs just aren't? Case in point: "La Chevre" and the horrible "Pure Luck" with Martin Short and Danny Glover.

athena said...

ooh, i haven't seen these movies you've mentioned. i have noticed that though about french versions. have you seen the french version of three men and a baby? different after having seen the american version but i like both.

Corrie said...

Haven't seen the french version of 3 Men and a Baby, I'll have to check it out.