Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dreams and such

I routinely dream about Ty. And they are such vivid dreams, too.

There is the one where Ty is not quite ready when the bus arrives to get him for school. Normally his bus driver just waits for us if the garage door is up, but in my dream there is a substitute bus driver. He only waits the requisite two minutes before pulling away.

I end up giving chase in my pajamas, arms waving wildly hoping to get his attention. Sometimes I am successful and he pulls back around to pick up Ty. Inside the house, it is a mad dash to get him in the chair and out the door before the driver gets impatient and takes off again.

There are also the dreams where he is a regular teenager and does regular teenager stuff. He drives a car, hangs out with friends in the basement family room, drinks milk straight from the carton, has real homework, and talks to me about girls. I love these dreams.

Recently, I've been having one where he is young again - about 10 or 11. He is on the floor and as soon as I dress him and tell him it's time to get in his chair, he rolls on to his side. Then I help him roll to his stomach and kneel up. He leans against me and hugs me tight while I help him slowly rise and then sit in his wheelchair. He looks directly at me and gives me a huge smile filled with appreciation. The hug and the smile are my favorite part.

He is not healed in this dream, but because he interacts with me more than he does in real life, it's one I hold dear. Ty is one of the most patient, loving people I know. I don't care that it sounds strange, but I think these dreams are his gift to me. They are his way of reaching out to me and communicating on a deeper level.


b. said...

Thank you for sharing this.

I think you are right about the dreams being a gift....I believe it too.

Mrs. Organic said...

Thanks, b.

Mel said...


Emma J said...

So moving. I do wonder if these dreams aren't (like you say) Tyler's way of saying "I love you" and "thank you."