Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Abort, Abort!

At the last minute, I discovered that Ty's infection is not cleared up. In fact, he has a whole new organism and a high WBC.

I happened to see the doc when we were checking in, I motioned to him through the glass and he made his way over. Any doctor who gives you a hug and a smile, gets down on eye level with your child, puts his hand on that child's shoulder and asks him how he's doing (even though he'll only respond with a smile) is awesome! I brought up the high white blood count and we decided to wait until the current antibiotics have run their course and Ty has a clean lab culture. Better safe than sorry.

The surgeon has also come up with another idea for repairing his hip (it will take more time to complete, but will hopefully be more than a temporary fix.) Here's hoping this round of meds works.


Lisa M. said...

I am so glad, you caught it. Yay for that. Don't you love Dr's who have that bed side manner.

It is such a peaceful thing.

Good luck.

Heffalump said...

Well, I am glad you found the infection before it was too late!

compulsive writer said...

Thanks for the update. Good luck and best wishes.