Sunday, July 13, 2008

Man about town

The two year old had been begging me to take her somewhere all day. I mean ALL DAY. And I kept giving her reasons why we couldn't go anywhere - Dad wasn't home, the girls weren't home and we couldn't just leave Ty.

Then it hit me - I bet he was bored as hell dying to get out and go somewhere too. I had my little girl help me get him ready, she even knew to bring me the hair gel so I could touch up his spikey flat top.

I got him in the wheelchair and just like that - we were off. I decided to surprise her by walking to the park. It's her absolute favorite place. On our way, we ran into neighbors - scads of them. And it was nice.

Ty wasn't too happy, his hip is dislocated and sometimes it causes him a lot of pain, but he managed so much better than I thought he would. We all had a lovely evening: the two year old on the slides, the girls on the swings, Ty holding my hand, and me watching them all from the park bench and chatting it up with neighbors. Imagine that!


Diana said...

You are just what I needed today! :) I hope you remember me from the Deafblind parent retreats. I got here through Lisa's blog and I just really needed to hear that I'm not alone. :) I stubbornly lift Becca more than I should and resist leaving the house by myself. :D My girls are so utterly helpful, though, too and I really am so blessed overall. I'm so glad I found you today! I hope you don't mind my peeking in. ;) Oh, and I LOVE the music you picked!!


Anonymous said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. The sacrifice you're making for your family is absolutely beautiful. You're an ANGEL!

Lisa said...

I love it when things meld together like that. It is certainly an unusal occurance. I am sorry to hear about Ty's hip. Par for the course, isn't it?

It's nice to run into friends and feel like life has some sense of normalicy to it.

Ty looks so much like my E, I think.

It's uncanny, that.

Mrs. Organic said...

diana - anytime!

tami - thanks

lisa - I think it's that they have that same look of wisdom in their eyes.

compulsive writer said...

How did the surgery go?