Thursday, March 27, 2008


So tonight the baby is doubled over coughing uncontrollably while she's trying to eat a snack before bedtime and my son says, "Yep, she's got the Whooping (as in pertussis)."

She completely stops coughing, turns and looks at him and says, "I am not poopy!"

Oh my goodness, we couldn't stop laughing.

This same brother just got his braces Wednesday morning. I asked the baby to look at him and tell me what was on his teeth. Her answer? Nekkis! (as in necklace)

I wonder if she got confused and thought braces were bracelets. And from there to necklace isn't a far jump. For what they're costing us, there ought to be a diamond solitaire in there somewhere! (and seriously, I am gonna tear myself away from here and start hanging out here).


Anonymous said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Summer said...

Oh and I hope you all get well soon.

Elizabeth-W said...

Love i!! Iza nekkis!!!
Shazzy and I are feelin' for ya, over here.

Corrie said...

amber & summer - thank you!

ew - do either of you have any tips for us? We already keep a little bucket by her bed for the late night coughing fits.

Terri said...

With a handsome lad like Russell the braces look is A okay! Love Grandma

Lisa M. said...

I am convinced when I drive by my ortho's house that I am the one making the house payment.

I hear ya on the diamond studs.

Hope you are well and that the coughing subsides.

Hilarious about the verbiage.

athena said...

aw shucks, she's so cute. :)