Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby Bliss

I darkened the door of a yarn shop this weekend and this lovely yarn was a steal. I just had to take the opportunity to begin stocking up on baby sweaters. Having 50 cousins pretty much assures me of an unending supply of babies for whom I can knit lovely things like this -

The pattern can be found in The Baby Knits Book by Debbi Bliss.
Wouldn't a star embroidered on the front be the perfect finishing touch?

To see what others are TATing about, visit Lara at the Lazy Organizer - she just made the cutest hat for her daughter, you must go see it and tell her how adorable it is!


Anonymous said...

Cute sweater! It is such a great idea to stock up! I keep thinking I need to do the same thing, but I put so many other projects in the way!

Anonymous said...

so cute I just love it.

compulsive writer said...

That makes me almost want to get pregnant again just thinking my baby could wear something so cute!

You are a woman of many talents, you know?

Corrie said...

Tirzah - I hadn't made this one before and the book has so many more cute things in it

anon - thx

cw - I think I would have to knit an entire layette for you if you did (& thx).

Cocoa said...

Makes me wish I new how to knit!