Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Apron Tradition

Edited to add: another apron site and a favorite apron blog.

When it's our turn for Thanksgiving at my mom's house, the moms and grandkids all get together and bake pies. The girls learn how to make pie crusts and then fill the pies with their choice of fruit or spiced pumpkin. The moms are there to help them mix the pie crust dough and fit it into the pie tin.

And we do it in our matching Mom and daughter (or in my case, son) aprons. Last year she made these for us. We had two fabric choices - vintage or modern.

I think she just drew the pattern out. The back of the yellow apron is lined with fabric that is the same as the pocket fabric. I just love them.

For my son's apron we used leftover fabric from Kelley's quilt. My favorite part about his apron is that the neck is actually a very soft cotton elastic (the kind that go into boxers). That way it can stretch over his head and will basically fit him until he can't tie the straps any more or refuses because, "What if someone sees me in this?"

If you don't happen to have a sew-y mom like mine, you can always shop at places like

Heavenly Hostess
Amelia's Aprons
Itz Sew Lucy
Aprons for you
and find the perfect matching aprons for your budget. To see other posts related to Fall and Thanksgiving, visit Michelle at Scribbit and see her Winter Bazaar.


Summer said...

Those are the ccutest aprons!

Elizabeth-W said...

Can I add another apron lady I found? It's called itzsewlucy.
She has cute vintage patterns.
Great idea on the elastic!

Amy W said...

Very cute!

Corrie said...

ew - thanks, I couldn't remember her site name, but it's up now.

Melissa Markham said...

What a wonderful idea!

Cocoa said...

How fun! I love aprons but usually forget to put one on unless I really don't want to stain what I'm wearing.

Amy at Hope Is the Word said...

That is a darling apron up top, and I love the stretchy neck loop on the second one. I love the tradition, too. Sounds like a great time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Corrie said...

If I don't wear an apron, I will spill on myself. So I've had to train myself to wear one.

athena said...

ooh cute aprons! pascale just finish making her an apron. i should take a pic of it and put it on my blog. it's cute too.

Corrie said...

Yes! put a picture up. Did she get your sewing gene?

Can't wait to see it.

Scribbit said...

It's so nice to see aprons coming back into vogue, I remember my grandmother wearing one all the time and I love the patterns I've seen around for the tea towel aprons.

Corrie said...

Oooo tea towel aprons - like with embroidery and stuff? I will have to do some googling.