Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We love Math, Math is fun!

Say it with me now. Now.
How about now?

Nope? You don't think so? That's because you've always done it the regular boring way. We have been enjoying a great site that helps parents to help kids understand and yes! even enjoy math. Get started here with basic ideas for learning math the natural way.

Julie Brennan, a CPA, has created a wonderful resource for the rest of us with Living Math. My favorites are her Math reader recommendations. The Murderous Maths series, Mathematicians are People Too, and more.

I also love her game recommendations. (complete with a list of internet sites to play math games, make your own worksheets, etc.)

Surf around, and enjoy.

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Kathy in WA said...

Corrie - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Julie's site. How fun to find another person who has discovered this little (or not so little) treasure. I "met" Julie several years ago on a homeschooling e-loop. She's an amazing woman with a brilliant mind. We took her math course and loved all the books she recommended.

Great tip!

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david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia, Corrie,

I followed your link from I Gotta B's blog - and I enjoyed the visit.

My very best wishes and prayers for strength go to your family.

I had the best maths teacher ever in Year 9 - and he opened up a new world of understanding for numbers.

He helped me realise that life does add up!



Elizabeth-W said...

Love the math linkies!!

athena said...

i don't know. this thing called math. :-D i hope one day i will learn to love numbers.

Ginny said...

Thanks for all the links, I'm going to go through all of them. My oldest really struggles with math. She uses that everyday math program & it does not work well at all. We have to do a lot of home study with math because of this wonderful program our elementary school chooses to use. Which by the way is not used in middle school or high school, so those teachers dread our kids coming in because they are SO behind in math, ugh!