Monday, August 20, 2007

Leapin' lizards, Batman

or jumpin' grasshoppers, or something like that.

Our itty, bitty postage stamp garden has gone from this:

to this:

And in only a couple of months, too.
Those Miracle-Gro people ought to be calling any minute.


b. said...

Got any zucchini?

redhead83402 said...

hi Corrie!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! I have looked into federal funding only for idaho, I know that there are similar distance programs elsewhere, but mostly in the more conservative states, where they allow more free homeschooling, and the rules aren't nearly so tight.
try googling your state name with the words ~distance education academy~. You might even have to add the dot org. In fact, the way most homeschoolers here in Idaho have learned about it is by word of mouth, since it isn't a widely publicized program. Are there any home school associations or conventions that take place in your state? These are the best places to learn about federal funding within your state. Also, contacting can help out as well.. Joining only costs $25, and they are the legal representation for homeschoolers nationwide. If anyone was aware of funding within each of the states, these folks would be. They are a fantastic resource as well!!
Good luck, and let me know how it turns out!

Also, I looked through your blog, it's very nice, and I love your garden! ( good job on the weed control, I got a little crazy one year with landscaping, and now I am paying the high maintenance price ~ ;-D )

Corrie said...

b- we actually grew some this year. Well, one to be more precise. We are averaging 2-3 small ones a week - just enough to keep us in zucchini bread

red - thanks for the info, I'll do my "homework"

Anonymous said...


A huge thanks for your blog! I love checking in most every night. It's become my reward for getting the kids to bed. I realized that since I don't comment very often you probably didn't know how much I appriciate your efforts.

Love, Noreen

PS Love the picture!

athena said...

yeah, sounds like the same miracle grow i have on my legs. LOL. i don't know how many times i've had to shave them this week. certainly something in the air.

Corrie said...

n - thanks much. I love that you stop by here (and comment sometimes)

a - it's all that moisture from the monsoon season - it makes everything grow.

Lisa M. said...

OH I love it- so neat.

Yes, those miracle grow people should be calling you !

Elizabeth-W said...

You amaze yet again!!
I have a black thumb.
I remember years ago when this social worker was talking about 'strengths perspective'. She said something to the effect that if people can raise plants well, they can parent. Meaning you build on that competency they already have. I was young and single at the time, and knew I had a black thumb even then, so I was really worried about my prospects. Thankfully, my children continue to grow and learn even if our house is oxygen-deprived.

Corrie said...

Oh no, the only plants that live here are outside where there is a sprinkler system (and one bamboo in a vase). My mom informed me that my thumbs will likely remain black until all the kids move out - then I'll be able to properly care for other living things.