Monday, August 13, 2007

His Hairyness & Her Plinkyness

Ty's hair fell out again after his last chemo, but it is really coming in with a fury now. It's much thicker on top than it is on the sides.

He tried some of the new Gogurt Fizzix today - fruit punch. He did all right, but it was quite a new sensation for him.

Of course I tried it too, just a taste, as did all the kids. It's hard to explain. It's a tangy taste, but still sweet. Maybe it's even a little bit tingly, like it's getting fresh with your tastebuds.

You can never start your kids too young in their love of all things music.
She loves to play for us, pounding up and down the keyboard with great dramatic gestures and then, just as quickly, she will delicately finger the keys and sing softly to herself.

When she pauses to look at the book and find her place, it cracks me up.

Maybe this one will stick to the piano, if not there is always the potential for a career in acting. She can really pour on the drama.


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! And speaking of drama, how is the owie (spell?) on the knee?
P.S. I wasn't doing the word verification. I know, I'm smart :)

Corrie said...

Jan - the owie is very happy under a Scooby-doo bandaid, but she still peeks at it once in awhile.

Elizabeth-W said...

Gracie needs to come to my house because E (4 yr old) and she would be a match set!
Ty's hair is lookin' good!

summershine said...

I'll be giving my oldest piano lessons starting in a few weeks. He loves to "play" the piano so I hope lessons go well.

Corrie said...

EW - on some days, I'd love to send her off for a visit, but then she is so cute I take that thought right back.

Corrie said...

Summer - you can give piano lessons? I've always said I know just enough piano to be dangerous, dangerous to my kids learning it the right way.