Friday, July 20, 2007

The thing - Fred - he is smaller

I haven't been posting much about Ty's tumor lately. They say "No news is good news," and they're right.

It (Fred) still measures 13x17cm but it is much smaller than the 31x25 it was at its biggest. We are grateful that his tumor is now the size of a large orange rather than the football it once was.

We celebrate each individual step towards improvement with the realization that it brings him closer to the end goal of kicking the tumor on its arse (pardon my french).

Ty is still sick when he sits in his wheelchair, so we are trying to ease him back into longer periods of sitting. He may even try to go to church this Sunday - we are taking it one day at a time. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts and acts of service on his behalf. We are very blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, thank you for the surprise birthday lunch this week. It was so fun to visit with you and see your beautiful faces.

And speaking of friends, Montserrat has awarded me this-
I have really loved getting to know her through her posts - she takes wonderful photographs and has great ideas for summer activities. I think I'm supposed to let you know of 5 other bloggers who rock too. Forgive me if these bloggers have already rocked, but check them out

Sipping Hot Chocolate - Athena's photographs are spectacular, this one is my favorite
Birdie - search the archives, there are some great Avon stories in there. I wish I could look at life and write the way she does.
Elizabeth W - A new bloggy friend with a fun sense of humor.
One Woman's Cottage Life - A remodeling genius, check out her sidebar for pics of her cottage.
Angry Chicken - a very crafty blog, she also has a gallery called Tie One On that features aprons sewed by readers.


Elizabeth-W said...

How did I miss your burpday?! Hope it was fun :)
And thanks for the shout-out.
It's amazing the things we think to be grateful for. But it makes a huge difference in our outlook. (only the size of an orange...)
Gotta go work on my RS lesson while everyone else is still sleepin...
Good luck tomorrow at church.

Montserrat said...


That is one of my favorite photos by Athena too.

athena said...

ok, so i missed your birthday. happy belated birthday! when life settles down i'll send you that pic! :-) thanks for thinking me a rockin blogger!