Tuesday, July 31, 2007

On the Road Again

When we take road trips, we have found a few things that are really helpful.

Besides bringing:
A book on cd or a good read-aloud book
Kids' music
Catalog for eye candy (our favorite is Lakeshore Learning Supply)
A dvd player (I'm pretty mean and only let them watch a couple)
A small bin with an activity/coloring book for each child, car games, & colored pencils (only twist up crayons, because of melting issues)
A small handiwork project (if we're going to be more than 8 hours in the car)
Their own pillow & small blanket
Water bottles (with their name on them)

I also prepare on-the-road snack bags. I use a paper lunch sack, and write their name on it. I put snack portions in ziploc bags of a few favorite snacks (Nibs, Bugles, Teddy Grahams, Chex Mix-Honey Nut, carrot sticks, apples slices pre-dipped in Sprite). Chocolate is too messy for the car - leave it out. This limits the amount of snack food, but gives them control over when and how much to eat.

It is funny to see how each child eats or saves their snacks. Sometimes I throw in a dollar for them to pick their own thing out when we stop for gas. Everyone likes a little mad money, I just like to limit the madness to a dollar.
I also like to bring a clean, damp washcloth in a baggie for quick cleanups. Baby wipes will do the trick too.

(Also, you'd be surprised how quiet the kids can be when perusing a great catalog).

More of my favorite parenting helps:
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b. said...

I love that catalog! But they quit sending it to me.

Elizabeth-W said...

My daughters, especially the younger one, LOVE catalogs. They like Hanna Andersson, Lillian Vernon, Magic Cabin, and the party supply ones.
Right now is very exciting because Halloween decorations/costumes are starting to show up, and my 4 year old looks forward to Halloween allll year long.
Good tips, by the way!

Kathy in WA said...

This is a good idea. Do you control when they eat their snacks or how much at a time? I would imagine this, like your weekly snack bags, could be a job handled by an older child who wanted to help.

I LOVE ideas like this. So practical and helpful.


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Corrie said...

B - I need to get a new one too.

EW- I hadn't seen Magic Cabin before. I'm going to get one for our next trip.

K - I put the stuff into the snack bags, but they decide when & what to take out.

athena said...

yup. those are definitely good ideas. we're thinking of taking a road trip before school starts. might be something to think about.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Great tips! Sometimes I like to throw in a few "gifts" for the kids to unwrap along the way.