Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream...

Back when Ty was an infant, I refinished a cradle belonging to my Uncle D. I loved it, I painted it white, and kept it in my room. When he outgrew it, he slept in a crib we bought from my mom's neighbor. He had horrible reflux and we ended up sleeping him in a bouncy chair or his car seat (still, technically, in the crib though).
When we moved four hours away I began sleeping my babies in a playpen. My sister thinks it's cruel, but I remind her that in some countries people actually sleep on the FLOOR. At least she sleeps three inches higher than that and it's not like she's sleeping on dirt, or has flies landing all over her, or a distended belly. (veiled reference to my former third world country of residence or have they made it to Developing Nation status now?)

My reasoning for this was simply convenience. I traveled a lot to visit my mom or Mr. Triumph's mom and I wanted them to be able to sleep where ever we were. I mean, I wanted to be able to sleep where ever we were.

The playpen? Worked like a charm! For my first four, I used the same basic, boldy-colored square playpen. No bells, no whistles - just a playpen. And my kids were excellent sleepers, even on the road. Hah!

There is a seven year gap between our last two and the playpen had long ago found a new home at Grandma's house. We decided to give the crib *thing* a try for our last baby. Besides, they are so much more fun to decorate around.

I sewed a dust ruffle, crib sheets, and quilts. I was ready. I hung in there for about 6 months, and then I caved and bought a new playpen. The basic square pen is no longer available, but did you know they make them narrow enough to fit through doorways now and they have wheels on one side to aid in moving them? Suh-weet!

So now my sis thinks I'm a meanie to have my daughter sleep on nothing more than a padded piece of masonite (although I do pad it with a quilt or two), but my baby - she can sleep anywhere!

And that's a "Works for Me Wednesday" For other tips or to join in, visit Rocks in My Dryer.

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Elizabeth-W said...

I think that is very smart. Those cosleepers seemed really expensive so we never got one. I kept my babies in a moses basket until they got too wiggly. With my second, we just moved the crib into our room.
I love that rocks in the dryer thing. I'm amazed and the amount of rocks my children put in their pockets, as well as polly pockets, crayons, etc. :)
Sending you good wishes/vomitless days/nights!