Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Lie, the whole lie, and nothing but the lie...

It is #6, all those other things are true (mostly). That tv show was seriously creepy, I was in junior high and it still gave me nightmares when that woman had the lizard baby. That thing was uh-gly.

#1 - I was in 5th grade, what can I say? We were trying to trick the teacher into eating them. Fifth grade teachers are pretty smart fellers.

#2 - I didn't beat the snot out of him, but I didn't give up. I fought with him for what seemed like forever before he turned his back on me and I ran for the car. (I never locked my car doors before meeting Mr. Triumph, he probably saved me).

#3 - It wasn't intentional and I'm not exactly sure it was a tarantula, but it was one huge hairy spider. I mistook it for the drawer pull in a dark bathroom.

#4 - See the comments for the previous post. We restrained ourselves when we saw Warren Beatty out with his son at Travel Town on "free ride" day.

#5 - I nearly lost my fingernail from wearing my gold wedding ring before I figured this one out. Good thing I'm not allergic to platinum.

#6 - big, fat lie. Do you remember that awful psychological dream machine they had? It could make you believe something was happening to you when you were really just standing in a room with a one-way mirror. Oh gosh and the alien baby was every girl's nightmare!

#7 - I have been in a commercial, but you probably didn't see it unless you lived in So Cal in the 80s. I played a wayward, 7/11 loitering teen for a youth conference plug.


Montserrat said...

Those were really hard to guess! Glad you clarified which one was the lie. That was fun to learn a little more about you.

summershine said...

Oh my gosh, grabbing a tarantula in a dark bathroom. That gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.
As I stood in front of the bathroom mirror brushing my hair once, I saw a daddy long leg descend right above my head. You can bet I screamed and ran.

I'm glad you figured out your gold allergy. I'm not allergic to gold, just not a fan of it, or any metal that looks like it. I have a white gold wedding ring and all jewelry are wear is silver colored.

These are such fun little facts about you!

Corrie said...

The spider thing has left it's mark. I especially can't stand the hairy ones, and the jumping ones, and the reddish scorpion-looking ones. Except in photos, I'm okay with those - just not in real life.

I've actually just started wearing antiqued gold earrings (they have steel posts) and it's kind of fun.

adria said...

Phil bought the series for the kids. I haven't watched it, mostly because I suspect I'll freak at the age inappropriateness (if that's a word).