Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Up to our elbows and down on our knees...

Edited to add more photos throughout. Enjoy!

Stonecrop sedum, yarrow, and carnations...

We have been busily planting Ty's sensory garden in anticipation of his feeling better. We are hoping to get him out there every day and want it to be ready once he's done with treatment and can enjoy it. In a future post, I'll tell more about the plantings and the essential *ingredients* for a Sensory Garden. (And a big thanks to Bree for telling me about this idea).

A bunny's eye view and a mini-tribute to all things Provencal (anyone know how to insert one of those thingies on the c?)

A second attempt at shallow DoF pic (I'm working on it)

A bit of sun and some softness (ala lamb's ear)

A ribbon of sidewalk runs through it

Phlox, wisteria, yarrow, lavendar, vinca, carnations, lilies, lamb's ear, and gnomes oh my!


Elizabeth-W said...

It looks beautiful! What about lamb's ear? It's a super-duper soft plant, and a purple flower. I think you can even use the leaf as a band-aid if you're desperate :)

athena said...

WOW that looks gorgeous, corrie!

Our Peculiar Life said...

beautiful!!! :-)

Corrie said...

Thank you.

I have heard lamb's ear called "frontier toiletpaper" before.

Just wait until I post the pics next month - it should be nicely filled in by then.