Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Measurements & labs

This week the tumor measures 14.5x17cm. That's smaller, folks!

Wahoo!!!! We're heading in the right direction. In two weeks he will have his last treatment of this type of chemo. They are lowering the total dose, but still giving it over the same amount of time.

Monday's labs (awesome):
WBC 1.9
ANC 1.3
Hematocrit 38.5
Platelets 180

Thursday's labs (also pretty awesome):
WBC 2.1
ANC 1.2
Hematocrit 35.1
Platelets 154

For an explanation of these numbers go here.

Since his numbers are so good, we don't need to do blood draws any more, unless he seems sick.

His hair is coming in so fast, I swear you can see it growing right before your eyes.


adria said...

wonderful news!

Montserrat said...

Great news! Still keeping my fingers crossed for luck.

athena said...

wonderful news! love the video and the analogy to his hair. how clever.

b. said...

It's great to count EVERY triumph, as you are so beautifully doing.
I never thought I would celebrate a 2.1 White count.....great job kid!