Friday, June 29, 2007

Flashback Friday

These are all pics of Ty
from long, long ago
(when I was still skinny)
More photos taken from the stash (scroll down)
Ty with the therapy bunny. He would just lay there and hug that bunny, and believe it or not the bunny loved it! (both Ty's arms are wrapped around him)
He has always been a happy guy.
And one one more, sorry it's blurry...

Snoopy and nerd glasses have always been cool, right?


Elizabeth-W said...

That bunny looks pretty mellow :) Very sweet, all of them. I think I had a pair of glasses like that.....

Corrie said...

Aww thanks.
We chose those glasses because they had a soft piece that wrapped around his ears. He still got them off.

Kid's glasses have come a long way since then. Grown-ups glasses too.

Montserrat said...

That smile is definitely contagious! What a sweet boy.

NZGibbonsBLOG said...

Wow, those pictures brought back a flood of memories. I remember you setting up that big square playpen for Russell, in my front room at Wymount, while you took Ty to some appointment or other. It seems like a lifetime ago! Too bad Whitney's bunny wasn't that sweet!