Thursday, June 21, 2007

Size isn't everything - unless it's paperwork

Well it (Fred, the tumor) measures 15x20cm - that's slightly larger. The funny thing is that it looks smaller.

I'm hoping that it's just swollen because of the chemo. We have him on a strong anti-inflammatory for that very reason. Cross your fingers that it measures smaller next Thursday.

I am finally getting to the plethora of EOBs (ins. papers) and medical bills. Once I get through all of it I'm taking a picture of the stack - only because I will feel a temporary sense of major accomplishment and I'm going to want something to look at to remind myself that I did IT.

This is what procrastination gets you. I'm telling you, handle the mail when it comes in and file it right THEN, (I was doing pretty well for awhile, but I fell off the paperwork wagon), or you will be buried under it.

The only problem with that plan is what to do when you are away from home for one out of every three weeks. It is physically impossible to be in two places at once, so it is very likely that you will be tempted to put things off when you get home because you will be tired and the other kids will want to play with, talk to, and hang out with you.

And so will your spouse - and that, my friends, is more fun than handling paperwork.

But, as the voice of experience, I am telling you to absolutely deal with that paperwork as soon as humanly possible or you will wake up one morning completely surrounded by paper and the will to live may evaporate.

And you will consume massive amounts of caffeine and chocolate in an effort to plow your way through that mountain of paper. And your kids will have to send a search party to find you. And you may babble incoherently, drooling and rocking and possibly sucking your thumb in the corner.

Okay, not really - but trust me, handle the paperwork. HANDLE THE PAPERWORK. And now I'm going to back to my corner and suck my thumb or at least down some more chocolate, and take a swig or two of my caffeinated beverage of choice while I try to figure out why my insurance company pays claims and then unpays them and screws up all the numbers on what I've paid out-of pocket, etc, etc.

(Yes I know that most of this post consisted of run-on sentences, but that is where the babbling comes in).


sippinghotchocolate said...

i love run on sentences and i aspire to write them as often as possible. :)

i'm with you about paperwork. i only get one or two mail a week here and i still put it off. in fact i'm ashamed to say that i don't handle the bills or paperwork in our house. my husband does. sigh, i know.

Corrie said...

I only handle Tyler's bills. Sadly, I'm not as good at as I should be - given the practice I've had.

So, it's a good thing Blaine does the rest or we'd be in a boatload of trouble.

Elizabeth-W said...

I can only imagine how many eobs you get in a week's time. Sending all kinds of paperwork sympathy. I really took to heart your post about checking them all against one another to make sure I'm only getting charged once, etc.

Lisa M. said...

Oh goodness!

I completely agree about the paperwork monster. It's a crazy crazy thing.

I'm sad that you've had the practice.

"Some days there aren't enough rocks!" (Forest Gump)

Montserrat said...

Paperwork can become like the famed Tribbles from Star Trek. It multiplies so quickly!

Your comment about playing with your spouse made me laugh. Whenever I get asked if we have a television (which is quite often because of the number of children we have) I reply, "Sure, but what's more fun?" Shut's 'em up every time!